Journal of a Novel

About the novels of Harry Mark Petrakis...

"In his tales, violence is measured by brotherhood, passionate hate by passionate love. And in the end it is man who, despite his weaknesses and his blindness, has the right to victory." — Elie Weisel

"I've often thought what a wonderful basketball team could be formed from Petrakis characters. Everyone of them is at least fourteen feet tall." — Kurt Vonnegut

"Harry Mark Petrakis is good news in American literature." — Issac Bashevis Singer

"I've always thought Harry Mark Petrakis to be a leading American novelist." — John Cheever

Joy. A strange word when you think of contemporary fiction... or contemporary poetry, or contemporary anything. I am tempted to say that Petrakis is unique in our time because in his stories he can produce it, and he does regularly. It is as if some wonderful secret had been lost, then rediscovered by him." — Mark Van Doren

"Petrakis has something more important than skill; a deep and rich humanity." — Rex Warner